Guitar by Jimi is the best website you will ever find to learn how to play guitar. Guitar by Jimi is broken into two areas:
  1. General guitar lessons – covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each lesson is 20+ minutes and only costs $9.95.
  2. Guitar solos you always wanted to learn note for note (I mean really off the record) – A lesson can vary from 20 minutes to well over an hour! Prices are $9.95, 19.95 and 29.95, depending on the complexity of the solo.

Free Videos

Here are some free videos for you. You can get a sense of my love for teaching, accuracy and my teaching style. Enjoy!

 ArtistGuitar PlayerTitle 
AC DCAngus YoungDirty Deeds And They're Done Dirt Cheap
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeAlbum Release
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeGetting a Great Sound
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeHow to Improvise
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugePracticing
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeThe best guitar player
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeTip for soloing - Wiggle
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeTips On How To Solo
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageBring it on home
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageD'Yer Mak'er
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageHot Dog - Beg Riff
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageHot Dog - Solo
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageImmigrant Song
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageMoby Dick
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageRock 'n Roll - The Rhythm guitars
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageTangerine
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageThe Ocean - 1st Solo
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageThe Ocean - 2nd Solo
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageWhat is and what should never be
QueenBrian MayCrazy Little Thing Called Love