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  2. Guitar solos you always wanted to learn note for note (I mean really off the record) – A lesson can vary from 20 minutes to well over an hour! Prices are $9.95, 19.95 and 29.95, depending on the complexity of the solo.


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  • Endorsement – Bob Held

    Bob Held on

    “If you really want to learn iconic guitar solos 100% note for note, exactly off the record, Guitar by Jimi is the only website you should go to. Want to learn to play solos by the greats like... Van Halen, Clapton, Page, Beck, Hendrix, etc.?
    Then look no further - Great teacher with extremely high standards for perfection. If you’re serious about the guitar, Guitar by Jimi’s the real deal.”

    Bob Held
    Producer, Composer, Bassist
    Producer - Joe Bonamassa, Joe Lynn Turner, The Tubes, David Johansen
    Writer - Alice Cooper, Joe Bonamassa, Deep Purple, Billy Squier, The Tubes, Paul Rodgers, Joe Lynn Turner
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  • Hi Jim, feel free to use any positive comments I’ve e-mailed you about the superb format of the lessons (video, close-up), the great selection of leads, the quality and precision of your lessons, your obvious expertise, the free videos, the helpful tips that you provide, your generosity in sharing your experience and in responding to questions. etc.

    The lessons are spectacular! Your expertise is clear, the video format is far superior to any other (e.g., sheet music or tablature), you demonstrate the material in perfect-size segments (so the student doesn’t feel overwhelmed), you give lots of informative background and tips that are invaluable, and of course the lessons can be played and paused, backed-up, re-played, etc., as often is perfectly suited for people like me who can figure out most of a particular song, but who are at a total loss when it comes to figuring out a blistering lead. That’s the missing link for me, and you’ve already done the work for me. You’ve put-in the time and effort to listen to the lead 1,000+ times (so I don’t have to), you’ve learned to play the lead note-for-note, exactly as recorded, and you’ve made these lessons available to us at a very affordable price.

    I will get the word out!

    TK, Texas
  • Thanks Jim, I've been trying to learn this since 1969!
    Now, thanks to you I've finally got it!

  • Love this moment when you learn to play a new lick and you're working against what your fingers are trying to do - that's the moment when you really really learn something.
    Great great great lesson, haven't had so much fun playing in a while and this tutorial gives me a great boost in motivation! You're a superb player!
    Best regards from Germany

  • Awesome man, and very precise!

  • Thank you for this, it's my all time favorite solo! As a beginner I really appreciate it that you broke it down, so it's easy to learn. I hope to be as good as you one day!

  • Awesome! Thank you very much for the video mate! I will practice on this till I get it right! It is just divine! Once again, thank you! You've been very helpfull! :) \m/

  • By far, the best lesson on this song. Thanks for breaking down those super fast parts. I owe you a beer.

  • Finally!!! I found someone who this so I can follow it. Very nicely done and thank you. I'll need to watch i a hundred times but I will get it now. you're a badass my friend! thanks

  • awesome tone and performance. great job my friend

  • those ears are cheating

  • you ROCK !!!

  • that’s amazing dude

  • Man...that's spot on

  • Absolute great lesson!!!!

  • Thank you so so much man! This is actually one of the only fully detailed lessons I have found across the internet.

  • This is great- thanks!


  • Wow ! Jim ! You nailed it ! Please do a tutorial on this Jimmy Page Signature Lead ! ? Break it down into parts/ especially what you are calling the 'second break'.
    slow/medium and full speed ? And please don't forget detailed close-ups. There is no lesson as of yet on You Tube for this great piece of rock n roll ! Great Playing !

  • where the hell do you learn to play note for note?
    My response: From the ears that God blessed me with

  • Jim Fuge for president !!!

  • You’re so good man, inspiration for me :D

  • I loved the way you captured the essence of that solo! I was listening to the crazy train solo and I had a much easier time learning that one. The heartbreaker solo is much harder to play. Jimmy Page is the man! You really should do a lesson! I haven't heard anyone on here that can reproduce that one as good as you!

  • you're awesome, that's all i'm gonna say :)

  • bro, that was f$%^& spot on, jimmy would be proud, do you play in a band?

  • Thanks Jim for taking the time to answer my question on fast-picking!!! You are an awesome inspiration and truly give me hope that I can play some of the solos I always thought were beyond my reach. Keep up the GREAT work!! JP1

  • Thank You so much for this video!!!!! :)

  • good stuff dude. subscribing to you. just got a Les Paul.. and will be studying your stuff diligently. keep it up bro!

  • Thanks a lot man!!! I think that, after this massive work on heartbreaker, you should probably decode the solo's blurred part in rock'n'roll.
    Dude thank you

  • Excellent Lesson! I've been working on this solo for sometime now but there's some magic that happens when Page does it that's virtually impossible to recreate. Key ingredient=Swagger! You've broken it down as accurately as humanly possible. Kudos! Check out my rendition when you have the chance!

  • Jim - Great lesson and fabulous playing. Are there more lessons in the works?

  • This is an amazing cover for sure! I would for sure watch a lesson if you were to upload it! Cheers!

  • at 1:29, is that smoke coming off his fret board? (Eruption Lead)

  • thats awsome dude.

  • I can't find anything this accurate.
    Awesome playing dude