Guitar by Jimi is the best website you will ever find to learn how to play guitar. Guitar by Jimi is broken into two areas:
  1. General guitar lessons – covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each lesson is 20+ minutes and only costs $9.95.
  2. Guitar solos you always wanted to learn note for note (I mean really off the record) – A lesson can vary from 20 minutes to well over an hour! Prices are $9.95, 19.95 and 29.95, depending on the complexity of the solo.


How much are the videos?

  1. General guitar lessons – covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each lesson is 20+ minutes and only costs $9.95 .
  2. Guitar solos you always wanted to learn note for note (I mean really off the record) – A lesson can vary from 20 minutes to well over an hour! Prices are $9.95, 19.95 and 29.95, depending on the complexity of the solo .

How does it work? Can I save the video I purchase or share it?

No. You will get lifetime access with a User ID and Password once you pay but will not be able to save or share. It’s for your eyes and ears only.

What do I get in the lesson?

General lessons – SO much, including things you will never see in guitar books or on the internet.

Lessons that teach solos - You get the solo taught to you, note for note. You also get to watch me explain it over and over again as if I’m sitting right there with you. You also get me anticipating what questions you might have and already answering them You also get me explaining the WRONG way to play the solo, and the reason why many others might be playing it wrong. This is in case you saw someone else teach it (incorrectly) and it conflicts with how I am teaching it. You also get so much more than the actual lesson – if something is even related to the lesson (e.g., the guitar player’s style, another riff the guitar player does, general playing advice, general riffing, etc.) then I cover it. You get a lesson and a half. I rarely, if ever, just teach the actual piece and that’s it.

Do you ever put free videos out there?

Yes, absolutely. They’re in the FREE VIDEOS section of my website and BTW, my free videos are full solos, not just 10 second excerpts.

Can I try a video before I buy it? How will I know what your teaching style is like and if I will like it?

You can’t try a “for sale” video before you buy it, BUT what you can do is go to my FREE VIDEOS section and check out all the videos. First warning: Once you watch a few of my free videos and see my teaching style and accuracy, you will be hooked. Second warning: After you start buying my videos, you will become even more hooked. This is what I’ve been told by my students! So now you have Fair Warning (no pun intended Van Halen fans)!

Can I refund a video I bought?

No, all sales are final.

What guitar players/bands do you cover?

I love all music as long as it’s good, but I’m a rocker so the bands and guitarists would be in that genre. I also try to choose iconic solos. So think Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Stones, Who, Pink Floyd, Yes, Hendrix, Clapton, etc.

I’m a beginner; would it be wise for me to buy your videos?

Yes absolutely but bear in mind as a teacher I would tell you to pick videos that make sense (e.g., the less complex ones for starters). If you’ve been only playing for two years, you probably don’t want to buy Eruption by Van Halen. It might be too difficult to grasp and maybe create frustration. And I don’t want any of my students to be frustrated. Start out with some easier solos, and as you progress, work your way to the harder ones.

Where did YOU learn these solos note for note?

From the ears that God blessed me with (I have perfect pitch) as well as the persistence to get the solo perfect. I have easily listened back to each solo and song over 1,000 times on the record player (am I showing my age?). I will not give up unless I get it off the record. I’ve been playing these solos and most of these songs note for note for a while. Also, I have guitar in my bloodline. I was destined to play guitar you might say!

How do you know your versions are off the record and no one else’s is?

My ears tell me there is no other off the record place for guitar, no matter what others may claim. Moreover, I can quickly and easily tell when and where someone’s version of the same solo is incorrect although they may claim it to be note for note. Lastly, there must be, of course, other players who have these solos off the record – but I have not found any online yet. That’s the difference. I looked and searched for three years before launching this website.

Do you do tabs?

No I do not. I can do them, I just prefer not to. For me it takes too much time, and much more importantly, I highly recommend you not using tabs. Why? Because, well, then you always want tabs. Tabs themselves are not bad. It’s when people get hooked on them, and most people get hooked. The more you use them, the more of a crutch they become, the more you need them to keep moving forward. It’s a vicious cycle. What you really need is to learn the notes and the fingerboard – THAT is the key to becoming a great guitar player. You may not agree and that’s fine. But even if you don’t buy my videos because of this, I strongly recommend you to try and NOT use tabs for a while. Force yourself to learn the fingerboard and notes. You might be surprised at your progress.

Do you say what fret and what finger when you teach?

I talk often about fingering but I do NOT say what finger and fret for every note like some teachers do. That’s not my style. Takes way too long to teach that way, and I would never get through the lesson. But much more importantly, the reason is the same reason for tabs (see Tabs question above.) People then get too used to hearing the finger number and the fret number for every note. This is not good for a guitar player in my opinion and is not a good way to learn. Of course what fingers to use on what frets are VERY important, but they don’t need to be explained one at a time. It’s very ineffective. Besides, what finger and what fret are inherent in my lesson when you watch me. And I do speak to fingering very often; I just don’t it for each and every note in my teaching style. Also, the fingers and frets will come naturally by just watching my fingers and frets which I do spend time on - plus you learn the solo SO much better and faster. Trust me on this one.

If I am having difficulty with a part, can I contact you?

Of course you can, but I don’t think this will come up too often because I teach very clearly and slowly. But if you are confused on a part, send me an email. I can’t promise I’ll respond immediately but I will definitely respond.

Do you still teach one on one?

Not right now, unfortunately, time is tight. But that may change. That is also why I started General Lessons as well as solos. See next questions as well.

Would you consider giving general online guitar lessons/Skype,etc. not specific solos or songs per se?

Yes, I am considering it but it takes time to set these things up. I have to prioritize the solos and songs first. I have been asked by quite a few people. It’s definitely on my list, I love teaching and I will revisit this for sure.